Comparing Apps to Apps


Matthew Jones talks about the benefits of using ipads and apps such as Play School art maker to foster productive student-centered learning. This is because it allows students to create meaning in an interactively through play. Although this shifts to student-centered learning it is vital that the teacher still interacting and providing guidance. It is also important that students retell the stories they create with the app to help scaffold the learning and construction of narrative.

After having a crack at the Play School art maker, it seemed like this could be a helpful app for constructing story and connecting visual text and spoken language. One activity I did with a partner was, she made a story with the app then played it for me and i had to narrate the story.

The Puppet Pals app is a similar app in which you choose a collection of character, place them in a location and build a story with them: moving them around; and growing and shrinking them. then you can record the story to watch later. It’s a good app that’s simple to use, and is very similar to the art maker in how it can be used. A more advanced app is Toontastic which gives you the ability to create your own characters and will be more engaging and fun for older students while also achieving the same aims.


Jones, M. (2012), ipads and kindergarten- students literacy development, SCAN, 31(4), 31-40.


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