Two ‘Blogs’ with a ‘Scoop’ on the Side


In this age of new literacy, the internet can be a valuable tool for educators to share ideas and pool resources. Blogs are an effective way of people publish ideas that can then be further commented on and explored in the classroom.

One blog a class can use to model their blog off of is Fabulous 5S. This blog is helpful as it shows how class photos, videos uploaded to various sites (Vimeo and Animoto) and upoloaded audio of band performances (on soundcloud) can be incorporated into a blog.

Another great blog to look to as a model is 3/4C @ The Juntion. This is because they show the potential to improve the look of a blog with backgrounds and font choice. They also have a page where they have used a sock puppet app to create content for the blog.

The Scoop It website is also a valuable tool for collecting resources pertaining to particular subjects. As an example I created a site about teaching maths equations to primary school students. It can be seen here.

Edited to change teacher resource blogs to class blogs to use as models.


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