Let the Children Play with IWB


Interactive whiteboards (IWB) can be an effective way of enhancing learning in the classroom. However it has been identified that it can be used to solidify teacher based learning and were not being used interactively. This is problematic because it is a powerful way to motivate students (and teachers) when used interactivly (Higgins, Beauchamp & Miller. 2007).

To look at how to engage students in this way I designed a brief IWB activity based on the Shaun Tan book (which has been adapted into a short film) “The Lost Thing.”

The activity addressed NSW outcome EN2-10C which involves thinking interpretively about texts. The task is as follows:

1. An image from the book is displayed.

lost thing 1

2. Student is invited up the front and asked to identify part of the image that represents a mood by moving one of the circles over it.

3. They will then be asked to communicate the reason and an explanation for their selection.

4. The class will then be asked to engage in agreeing or disagreeing and providing reasons why.

5. Rinse and repeat…

lost thing 2


Higgins, S., G. Beauchamp, and D. Miller (2007), Reviewing the literature on interactive whiteboards, Learning, Media and technology, 32(3), 213-225.


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