Blog If You Feel Like A Classroom Without a Roof


Reading Kim Pericles’ article on “Happily Blogging @ Belmore South” shows three advantages to exploring the blogging environment in the classroom:

1. A blog can be crafted to connect with any key learning areas (KLAs). Being interactive where students can make them and comment on each others, mean they can be a powerful tool in engaging students with KLA and shows that “learning does not stop at the door of the classroom.”

2. A blog can give students a purpose to their work, where they are working towards publishing their assignments or classroom activities. It also can give their work an audience, from parents and classmates to the 13 000 visitors from around the world to Belmore South blog.

3. Blogging can be a connecting tool in the classroom that can be tapped into daily. This is done by looking for comments and engaging with them as well as looking at classmate’s blogs.

From reading this, I can’t help but think about how exploring blog creation with a class can not only feel rewarding but broadens the learning environment outside the classroom walls and roof.


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